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About Us

WorkbenchRVA offers a creative outlet for all makers, creators and artistic individuals. We don't believe it to be fair that some people don't have the space or equipment needed to create the things they want to create. Being able to express your creativity is incredibly important. It's fundamentally crucial to have such a creative outlet and to be able to flex your artistic mind muscle. Here at WorkbenchRVA we understand just how important it is to have the space you need and to be able to express yourself as you wish.

Founded on the principles of being a fun, welcoming and creative environment for all, WorkbenchRVA is a Public Shop Space located in Richmond, Virginia. We offer several different Membership options tailored to fit every unique lifestyle. Our membership options grant full-time access to a clean, modern and well equipped shop.


In addition to the shop space, The Workbench also offers classes and kids workshops. Classes will be available every month and range anywhere from cutting boards to picture frame making. Kids workshops will also be offered every month and will include projects like the cliché birdhouse and paint pours.

Classes and kids workshops will be available to everyone NOT just monthly members.

WorkbenchRVA also offers tons of different products to help with your project needs. From the actual wood to sandpaper to finishes and everything in-between we have what you need. Our product and merchandise area is stocked and ready whenever you are.

Hello my name is Dalton, I decided to create this business in Richmond. It's a membership based public woodworking facility. This will be open to all and operate very similar to how a gym works. However, instead of the treadmills there will be table saws and jointers and planers for people to use. There will also be fun kid’s classes and a woodworking store too!

The reason I created this business actually comes from a sad realization. That many people no matter the age simply do not have the space or equipment to create what they want. When I was in school, I was fortunate enough to be able to take woodshop. But the truth is many students don’t get this opportunity any longer. I have since learned that this awesome and super fundamental class is being pulled from schools. Schools all over the country are replacing woodshop with STEM classes. The result is that children are no longer being exposed to woodworking. Many people nowadays don’t know how to use a saw or what a drill is, and I’m here to fix that. I’m here for these children who no longer have access to a shop or cool machinery. I’m here to teach and to create a fun environment where they can learn peacefully without grades or bullies. I’m here to give these kids something the schools no longer can, a truly exciting learning experience!

Woodworking has been a passion of mine since middle school. And since then; I have gone on to take over my parent’s garage, create a small woodworking business and was even fortunate enough to teach woodworking classes to children at a learning center. I have worked at a cabinet shop with an incredible mentor, Mike Sibley, the owner of Sibley’s Custom Cabinetry, who has taught me so much about woodworking and life in general. And now with his help I am pursuing this lifelong dream.

Many years ago, when I walked into the cabinet shop with Mike for another day of work, something dawned on me. The shop was empty and only filled with tools, but I realized then that a shop like this should be accessible to everyone. Most people don’t have these tools or this space to create like I did. But I know people want that, they want to build, they want to craft, they want to learn, I know it! I thought about this all day and even told Mike, who agreed with me and said it would be a great idea! At the time I didn’t really jump on the idea because I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to make it happen, but I stored it in my memory bank for later.

Jumping ahead a few years. I was accepted into college and began sitting through my classes. Semesters flew by and then one day a project came up in one of my business courses. The assignment was to create a business and draft a plan for it. On a whim I persuaded my group mates to help me with that idea I had a few years back, they agreed and were happy to help. This really gave me hope!

My professor Dr. James Haug was very excited about my idea and even after graduating has helped me immensely. He has introduced me to so many different people and broadened my network exponentially. He’s been a tremendous mentor for me and I can’t thank him enough. He gave me the knowledge to move forward, where Sibley gave me the confidence.

This has been a lifelong dream for me and even now it feels surreal. Thank you for all the support you've shown. Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed I could make it this far. Don't ever give up on what it is you want. Your dreams will come true, you just have to fight for it.

If you want to help in any way, please let me know. I can certainly use it. I have put everything I can into this and have nothing left. If you want to help renovate the building please do! If you have tools or equipment you want to donate, please do! If you have valuable books or knowledge that you want to offer, please do!


This is a community workshop for everyone, so let’s all come together and make this happen!

Thank you so much guys!

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