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Creativity is so important for children and their development. When given the freedom to express themselves and explore the world, there's nothing they can't do. We may not be able to give them the world, but here at WorkbenchRVA we have developed some great classes to get their minds thinking and their hands crafting!


For more information please contact us!

Please note: You do not need to be a member to enroll in these classes!

Please check our Calendar of Events page to better see when classes are being offered!

If you do not see a class below that is of interest to you, feel free to contact us and we can work with you to develop an individual style lesson to fit your needs. You may also book hourly sessions with a woodworking professional, click here to learn more>

  • Together we'll design and cut your earrings with our laser!

    30 US dollars
  • It's time you made your very own super awesome wooden clock!

    50 US dollars
  • Build this fun wooden tic-tac-toe game!

    50 US dollars
  • Let's make a BBQ caddy! Great for picnics and snack time!

    100 US dollars
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