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Membership Information

Our subscription packages start with our 1 Month Subscription which lasts 30 consecutive days, going all the way to our 12 Month Subscription which lasts 365 consecutive days. Each Membership Package grants Full-Time Shop Access* for the duration of your chosen plan. Other perks may be included depending on which plan you choose.

What to expect with your membership

Having a membership at WorkbenchRVA is more than just a monthly subscription. Every membership grants full time access to a well lit, clean shop, with state of the art woodworking equipment.

Members will also enjoy free coffee or tea found in the members lounge.

A great little library stock full of woodworking books, plans and ideas.

Smart TVs constantly playing fun, educational and inspiring woodworking content. 

A finishing room to complete projects.

A great community of friendly makers who share the same great mindset and who want to help you succeed.

When does my plan start?

Start your plan on your time!

We work for you, so we figured it was only fair that you get to pick when your plan begins. After deciding on which plan is best for you, simply pick your own start date at checkout. Please note you must complete the required safety orientation before your plan can begin.


All plans require members to complete a mandatory safety class PRIOR to using the shop. This class will cover all the basic aspects of being safe in the shop. From what types of clothes to be worn around machinery, to making cuts safely and properly. This throughout safety class will ensure your safety and the safety and wellbeing of others. Upon completion of the safety course members will receive a completion card.

Your safety card must be presented every time you wish to enter the shop.

Safety is a crucial aspect at WorkbenchRVA! We want all members to be in the safest environment.

Everyone in the shop must do their part to be as safe as possible at all times. Members who are deemed unsafe and/or endangering others in the shop will immediately be removed and their subscription will be forfeited.

Members should be aware of other members and help those who need help.

The mandatory safety course can be found in New Member Orientation>

Early Termination Fees

Early termination fees are fees imposed when a member terminates their plan prior to the end of their contract. Each plan has a specified contractual term length depending on the chosen plan, for example the Gold Membership has a term of 6 months. If a member terminates their plan prior to the term length of that plan, an early termination fee may be imposed.

The fee for early termination is 30% of the remaining balance on the plan.

For example, a member purchases a Gold Membership (@ $139 per month) but only uses 4 months of that plan and decides to terminate early. That member has 2 months remaining for their plan (6-4=2).

($139.00 * 2 Months Remaining)=$278.

30% of $278=$83.40

The termination fee for this example would be $83.40

*Full-Time Shop Access is limited to the hours the shop is open. Please see "Shop Hours" for the hours of the shop.

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