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Ready to join the greatest pro-level woodshop in RVA?

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Get in the shop building and creating with these fun hands on classes!

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Choose from several different membership options to find the perfect one for you! We offer a variety of different plans for all different lifestyles. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn or an addict who can't get enough, we have the plan for you!

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WorkbenchRVA is more than a community woodshop. We can build anything specifically for you, your home or your business.

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We understand that not everyone can just jump into a project. Some people need guidance and others may simply need a bit of help tackling a project they've always wanted to complete. Which is why we offer a variety of fun classes for everyone NOT just members.

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The Workbench was founded to help everyone express their creativity and think outside the box. We feel children need this more than anyone else. A creative child is a happy, social and intelligent child!

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We understand that not everyone knows how to use every tool in the shop. Which is why we offer tool basics classes. Here you can learn how to use a specific tool that you may have never used before or need help with!

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Apprehensive about starting a project? Do you need guidance on how to begin or where to start? We offer Private One on One instruction to help with most project needs.

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We are a community! Our members, our students, our customers are all one big family! Keep up-to-date on all the happenings of The Workbench in one place. Sign Up and Enroll in classes or kids workshops. Check out Exclusive Member Contests and more!

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We know what goes into making a project. The sweat, the headaches, the time.

We offer what you need to help

your project go more smoothly.

We have hardwoods, softwoods and even exotics! 

See what's in store today!

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Who Are We?

The Workbench is a Public Shop Space located in Richmond, Virginia. We are the one stop shop for all creators!



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